What Does An EPC Look Like?

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What Does An EPC Look Like?
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You can review a sample copy of a current Energy Performance Certificate above.

The idea behind an EPC is both to indicate what you can do to improve the energy efficiency of your property, and subsequently save money, and also to highlight the attractiveness of the property from an energy perspective for potential buyers or renters.

An EPC tells buyers or renters what changes they can make to improve the overall efficiency of the property which will lead to reduced energy bills. This could include a range of measures from adding insulation, double glazing right through to simple options such as switching to energy-saving light bulbs.

The better the rating the lower the cost of running the property in terms of energy costs.

EPCs were originally part of Home Information Packs (HIPs) introduced in 2007, and though HIPs were subsequently scrapped, the Energy Performance Certificate part remained.

What Does An EPC Look Like?

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